“I couldn’t find anyone who would listen to my circumstances then be able to give me clear and specific advice on every aspect of property investment, not just one or two parts of it. So I decided to become the person that other property investors could come to, someone who could give them personalised advice on any aspect of growing wealth through property.”

Paul Pritchett

The Portfolios Investor

Get The Clarity You Need To Become Financially Independent With The Portfolios Investor


We know there are many moving parts involved in property investment and it can be challenging to get the returns you’re looking for if you don’t have experience in all the different areas.

What makes it even harder for the regular investor is all the conflicting advice about the best strategy for you. Bankers and brokers tend to see everyone as a borrowing capacity number, so their “advice” is limited to that. Many property investment gurus don’t actually have much real-world experience buying investment properties for themselves. And the real world throws up all kinds of questions and situations that aren’t covered in books or courses.

At The Portfolios Investor, we specialise in guiding you through the entire property investment process to finally make it happen for you. From developing a strategy based on your unique situation and goals, to saving you money on your home loan, finding your next investment property, tuning your tax setup, or even building a brand new investment property and dealing with the builder, council, and tenants.

And because we have such a wide range of potential solutions, we don’t have to try and fit you into a particular box, we can just listen to what you want to achieve and work out exactly what you really need to get results.

We’ve already helped clients buy over 300 investment properties, and our founder Paul has invested in 78 of his own and continues to invest today, so chances are we can help you too. Simply contact us to setup a time to speak so we can take a look at your options. There is no charge and no obligation.

We got a fantastic personal service from The Portfolios Investor. We never felt like we were a number like we did with many of the banks.

David Hobbs

A close friend said, ‘Buy Paul a coffee and your lives will change for the better’. Paul completely listened to us and what we wanted out of life. He explained the best options for wealth accumulation, and he has helped us get our investments on track with sincerity and integrity.

Mark & Maria

We’d been to the workshops and spoken to all our experts, but we needed someone who could make a long-term plan specific for us. The Portfolios Investor turned out to be the missing piece to our puzzle. They’re equal parts friendly and professional.

Melissa & Neil

How We Make It Happen For You

Because we have worked on so many different investment property projects we understand every aspect of the process, including all the common (and costly) mistakes and obstacles that can hold you back.

Over the years we have developed our proprietary “Make It Happen” system that is proven over hundreds of investment projects to help you become financially independent through property:


You can get a copy of the Make It Happen blueprint for FREE here.

Our services fall into three main categories:

1.  Structuring your affairs. (Succeeding in property investment means having a strategy and the right structures in place to benefit from your returns.)

2. Getting you the best rates on mortgages and loans. (Did you know there are lenders with great rates who might not even be on your radar because they only deal wholesale?)

3. Finding you an investment property or finding the land and helping you build the house. (We bring the benefits of impartiality to negotiating purchases, managing projects and renovating for maximum value creation. And we guarantee everything from costs through delivery times to rental returns.)

Pyramid Infographic - Home-1801

In summary, we can help you…

  • Get started on your property investment strategy.
  • Save money on your home loan.
  • Buy your first or next investment property.
  • Tune your tax set up.
  • Build an investment property.
  • Show you how you could own a property for as little as $50 a week (perhaps even less after tax).

We have a proven track record of success and put our money where our mouth is by guaranteeing our services.

Ready To Get Started?

The best way to get started is to contact us now to book a no-obligation chat with Paul to look at your options and see how our strategies could help you become financially independent much faster than you might have thought possible.