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Property investment is a fantastic journey, but no one can help you take the right steps and make your money work harder for you, than The Portfolios Investor. These next few clicks could  change your life.

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The Portfolios Investor is all about making your money work harder for you. We provide essential strategic and financial assistance to property investors who want to grow their investment portfolio and leverage a professional team. We will take the time to understand you, your needs and help you build a great property portfolio generating long term personal and financial success.

Sample Our Community Posts

One Thing That 85% Of Investors Fail At

I’ve got to say I’m frustrated. I know nice open right? Hang in there with me. Do you know that 85% of people don’t know this one crucial thing when it comes to their loan costs? It’s true! This week I was reading an article in the news about the costs...
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Most People Won’t Retire Well. What About You?

A recent MLC Wealth Sentiment Survey discovered that Australians believe they will need in excess of $810,000 in savings to retire, but the expectation is they will have just $557,000. The number was even higher when women were separated out. Understanding why...
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What About Plan B?

In the last article we talked about the number of people who start a New Years resolution and never see it through. In fact the article says that of all resolutions made in and around New Year only 8% will see the light of success… 8%! There are many reasons why...
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So How’s The Year Shaping Up?

Who wants to open a gym with me that converts into a bar on 1st February? I’ll come back to this later. As we reach the end of the first month of the New Year it would be interesting to see who is considering plan B for 2017 already. It’s interesting...
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Get Out Of Your Own Way

Dealing With Shame Everyone talks a good game – the reality is I have found only around 3% actually walk it fully. In 2015/16 my theme was everyone talks a good game and has the theory but a small percentage actually follow through with it. At The Portfolios...
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