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Your Money

Cheaper Loans
Higher Valuations
Focus On Debt Reduction

Your Investments

Know All Your Numbers
More Back On Your Tax
Most Efficient Way To Manage It All

We Offer

Long Term Direct Experience
Know ALL Types Of Strategies
Deliver On Our Word

You Get

One Person To Liaise And Sort It For You
Confidence In Your Next Steps
Growth And Peace Of Mind

“I couldn’t find anyone who would listen to my circumstances then be able to give me clear and specific advice on every aspect of property investment, not just one or two parts of it. So I decided to become the person that other property investors could come to, someone who could give them personalised advice on any aspect of growing wealth through property.” — Paul Pritchett, The Portfolios Investor

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You’re in the right place if:

  1. You’ve been to all the seminars about investment strategies, including some that stopped working a long time ago
  2. You’ve read the books but you’re ready to get out of theory land and start making money
  3. You’re looking for a single property investment advisor who:
    • Will take the time to listen to you (and not just to calculate your borrowing capacity)
    • Has invested in 78 properties himself (and is still investing)
    • Can advise you on everything from tax to mortgage rates to dealing with builders and council (and not just the things he makes fees from)
    • Will show you how you could own a property for as little as $50 a week (perhaps even less after tax)
    • Backs everything he says with a guarantee
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“We got a fantastic personal service from The Portfolios Investor. We never felt like we were a number like we did with many of the banks.” — David Hobbs

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It is all the small things we find that add up to a massive difference in your results.