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Property investment is a fantastic journey if done right. If you’re ready to take the right steps to make your money work harder for you, the next few clicks could change your life.

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The Portfolios Investor is all about making your money work harder for you. We provide essential strategic and financial assistance to property investors who want to grow their investment portfolio and leverage a professional team. We will take the time to understand you, your needs and help you build a great property portfolio generating long term personal and financial success.

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The Fifth Step To Building Tenacity – Celebrating Success

Celebrate Your Wins To Build Tenacity Happy New Year and welcome to 2017. New Year is a time of celebration – seeing in the new year, the hopes, the possibilities. It was interesting leading up to this time seeing people talking about how difficult 2016 was and...
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Fourth Step To Building Tenacity – Building A Great Team

One of the things I love about what I do is that I get to become part of people’s journey in property investment. We become a valuable part of their team. When we are building tenacity we need to have the right team around us. People that will give us more of what...
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Third Step To Building Tenacity – Measuring Achievement

So what else do we need to know about building tenacity? I know personally that achieving our goals is so important – but what about that journey from setting the goal to achieving it? Measuring Achievement Or Minding The Gap? The gap between setting a goal...
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Second Step To Building Tenacity – Setting Goals

Leading into the new year and thinking about goal setting we have discussing the ONE thing that drives real success – tenacity. We look at the second part of building tenacity and that is creating solid goals. The Problem With Goal Setting So we are tackling...
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Building Mental Toughness – It’s Not What You Think!

What Is Mental Toughness? Taking a short break from goals setting, but inextricably linked, I have been reading about the concept of mental toughness lately. Mental toughness isn’t your ability to shut out the world but how to embrace it. The article I was...
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