People like this value us and get the best results:


  • Enjoy growing as a person
  • Been involved with property and wealth creation for a while
  • Have completed a few properties and some investing so far
  • Know the theory of what they want to do
  • See the benefit in a relationship with someone who really knows their stuff.
  • Think about possible ways to save money
  • Dream about getting their next property
  • Want to make sure before their next move
  • Are positive, proactive and committed
the portfolios investor happy family - You

How The Portfolios Investor Helps You In Your First Meeting


You and Paul will work through your world…

It could be as simple as home loan savings

As detailed as delivering you next purchase

Complex as reviewing all your world including; loans, banking, properties, businesses, structuring and tax

Involved as Paul showing you all your numbers and options

Easy as a quick chat to clear your mind

Our aim is that at the end of the first meeting is that you are confident in your way forward and impressed enough with our advice that you use our services when you proceed.

We would love to help you make your money work harder for you and work with you to master your property investment.

We are passionate that you get it right.


If this is you…