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Your Property Price Research May Not Be Correct

I was reading an article in Money Magazine last month and it talked about the published price of real estate and how wildly the opinions can fluctuate. One of the things that all good property investors know is that research is vital to entering into a strong deal....

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The Budget 2017 Sliced and Diced

Another Federal Budget has been handed down and the numbers are continuing to look ominous. I was particularly interested in the ABCs coverage on their website which you can find here http://ab.co/2pwuO0o. In this they give a visual projection of what we can expect in...

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Lenders On Notice To Play It Safe

Interest rates for property investors are on hold again – no surprise here – but it is what the RBA Governor outlined in his delivery that caught my attention. Lenders are being put on watch list for risky investment with rising household debt continuing to outstrip...

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Lets Take A Look At Your Retirement

Hey Property Investors. Another Federal Budget has been handed down and the numbers are continuing to look ominous. I am not talking about the usual rhetoric around investors and in particular property investment – its much deeper. I was particularly interested...

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What Is Passion To Succeed?

What Drives You And How Do You Keep It? This week I was reflecting on my property investment journey and the thousands of others I have influenced along the way and it got me to thinking; what really drives passion and how do I cultivate sustainable passion to do what...

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Housing Horror For Retirees Looming

Have You Given This Any Thought? Well the Super Nightmare Continues – I honestly don’t know how the heck anyone in the modern world plans to retire. This is a personal passion of mine. In a previous article I wrote about superannuation and people not having enough to...

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One Thing That 85% Of Investors Fail At

I’ve got to say I’m frustrated. I know nice open right? Hang in there with me. Do you know that 85% of people don’t know this one crucial thing when it comes to their loan costs? It’s true! This week I was reading an article in the news about the costs ignorant...

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