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The Key To Success Is Having Options

However So Few Will Really Experience It! If you don’t want to face up to hard realities – this article isn’t for you. Last October I wrote an article about having options. I have been fortunate to be able to entertain many options about my future because of the...

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The Big Banks Are Having A Lend Of You!

What are you going to do about it? I have been thinking back through the behaviour of the banks over the last 12 -18 months, and I can only draw one conclusion – the banks are taking property investors for a ride, and its time to set them straight. In 2017 alone there...

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Mortgage Stress – The New Australian Epidemic

In a climate of low interest rates and fairly straightforward credit the number of households under mortgage stress is climbing in Australia. In just June 2017 alone 16,000 Australian households joined the already 810,000 borrowers who are at risk of defaulting on...

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Living or Moving Overseas? You Might Want To Read This

Own An Investment Property? If you’re a property owner or property investor or know someone who is that is living overseas or planning to relocate overseas for the long term this will be interesting for you. In the 2016/17 budget the government has brought in a range...

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The Sneaky Inflation Game.

Planning ahead is all about being knowledgeable in the now. Long term investment goals are one thing, but it’s being aware of the inflation cycle and the changes that can occur within the Reserve Bank that’s the important piece to the puzzle. At this rate, we are...

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It’s Time to WAKE UP!

Picture yourself during retirement; relaxing on a cruise, enjoying the surroundings of your self-sufficing family home and relishing in that perfect lifestyle you worked so hard for, for about forty (if not more) years – ah, living that dream that got you out of bed...

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Your Property Price Research May Not Be Correct

I was reading an article in Money Magazine last month and it talked about the published price of real estate and how wildly the opinions can fluctuate. One of the things that all good property investors know is that research is vital to entering into a strong deal....

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The Budget 2017 Sliced and Diced

Another Federal Budget has been handed down and the numbers are continuing to look ominous. I was particularly interested in the ABCs coverage on their website which you can find here http://ab.co/2pwuO0o. In this they give a visual projection of what we can expect in...

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