How Can We Help You?

The Portfolios Investor gives motivated people clarity about their individual path to becoming financially independent through property investment. It’s not just about finance, it’s about removing fears and overcoming obstacles to achieve true personal freedom.

But most of all it’s about listening, so if you’re in any doubt whether we can do what you need, just give us a call on (02) 4981 2930. Here are just some of the ways we might be able to help you:


The world of banking , finance and loans can seem complicated and is ever changing, We pride ourselves on showing you your way forward and delivering highly competitive loans to make that happen. Our specialty is complex multi property people who need that extra hand to get the most from what they have, and give them options for growing their portfolio.


How your financial affairs are put together is critical to your success. Having your loans, banking, properties and other investments in a set order allows you to relax and know your money is working hard for you. You can reduce the time it takes and makes it easier to manage it all now and moving forward.


Real insight comes from decades of direct experience. All athletes know the best way to fast track your results is to have a mentor that has been where you are , where you aspire to be, can give you tips at appropriate times and knows you better than you know yourself.
Use us for your own gain, it will change your life.


Buying any asset is about understanding the fundamentals that drive an increase in value over time, whilst minimising the costs each year. We use a system developed over 25 years to allow you to assess your next purchase, from high level to the finer details. All the what, where, when and why. All backed by outcomes guarantees to give you peace of mind.

Getting started

Taking charge of your financial independence starts with a meeting with our founder, Paul. You’ll be amazed how much valuable advice you can get in just an hour of talking to someone who has done exactly what you’re doing hundreds of times before. It could be a tip that saves you $1,000 on your tax or pointing you at a postcode where we’re forecasting great returns. That’s just the first hour. We have a long track record of success and guarantee everything we do for you.

Give us a call today on (02) 4981 2930 to schedule a FREE no-obligation consultation. Together we will take a look at your situation and see how our strategies might work for you.