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“We’re different from other advisors but we’re just like you”

“A close friend said, ‘Buy Paul a coffee and your lives will change for the better’. Paul completely listened to us and what we wanted out of life. He explained the best options for wealth accumulation, and he has helped us get our investments on track with sincerity and integrity.”        — Mark & Maria

The Portfolios Investor was founded by Paul Pritchett, who started out a property investor. Just like you, he wanted to create wealth and security by investing in property. Just like you, he wasn’t sure how to do it. He started with seminars and talking to advisors. Then he added financial planning and mortgage broking qualifications. But most importantly, he learned by doing: buying 78 investment properties for himself and helping other people buy 300 more.

Paul has first-hand knowledge of every aspect of property investment, including some of the many mistakes it’s possible to make when you don’t have expert help. He’s built houses, he’s bought houses, he’s dealt with councils, he’s found tenants and he’s learned all about tax minimisation.

Are we right for you?

The clients we can help the most tend to be the ones who’ve been to a few seminars, read a few books and perhaps even done some property investing already. They’ve learned that the real world throws up all kinds of questions and situations that aren’t covered in the books. They want someone they can cut through all the theories and conflicting advice to bring it all together for their individual situation.

They’ve usually got a household income over $100,000 a year with more than $125,000 of savings or equity to invest. They’re not looking for a get rich quick scheme. They’d like to turn their investment into financial freedom five years or more down the road.

And they know that however good we might be, there’s still going to be work they have to do to get to their goals.

It’s hard to find someone who can bring it all together

Bankers and brokers tend to see everyone as a borrowing capacity number, so their “advice” doesn’t go beyond that. And many property investment gurus don’t actually have much real world experience of buying investment property for themselves.

Strategies work, models break

When an experienced investor listens to a client’s goals, he can create a personalised long-term strategy that will work for the individual. Cookie-cutter models, on the other hand, break with the slightest changes to things like markets, tax laws and personal circumstances.

No one is a “neat” fit for a box

Everyone has their own circumstances and needs buffers for different things, whether it’s buying a car or paying for a wedding. When you don’t have just one thing to offer—a mortgage, a training program—you don’t have to try to fit people into boxes; you can just listen and work out what they need.

The real secret is liking people

It helps when your property advisor likes property and has skin in the game themselves, but it’s at least as important that your advisor likes people, hearing their stories and working closely with them to work through their individual obstacles and reach their goals.

Paul Pritchett – The Portfolios Investor

When Paul says he understands property from the ground up, he means it literally. He started in property as a carpenter and a builder. He got interested 25 years ago in investing in property as well as building it, so he went to the seminars, spoke to all the advisors, invested his money and grew his knowledge with qualifications in financial planning and mortgage broking.

But he also understands the blocks people have when it comes to acquiring wealth. He knows that the secret is really listening to what people are saying and finding the internal obstacles as well as the external opportunities.

After buying 78 properties for himself, Paul’s made his fair share of mistakes. A favourite part of the job is helping other people to avoid those mistakes.

Welcome – lets talk.


I love to help people realise where they are really at, showing them the way to make great decisions in the world of money and investment.

Paul Pritchett – Founder – The Portfolios Investor

Kelly Wilson – Loans Guru

With over 25 years experience in the banking industry and just over 10 years with Paul as a mortgage broker Kelly knows how to find the best loan options and manage debts so you can achieve your life and financial goals.

She also knows the process can be stressful, which is why she works so hard to make sure it isn’t.



I strongly believe in building a trusted relationship with all our clients, and helping them turn their dreams into reality. It's my pleasure to serve you as a valued client of The Portfolios Investor.

Kelly Wilson – Customer Service Manager

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