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The Portfolios Investor Why   People are totally overwhelmed and have lost themselves in the complexity of modern life and all its demands with No time for self, No time for partner, No time for children No time for family, No time for friends, No time for health, Everyone just seems ‘too busy’   Our society portrays a totally unrealistic version of what life is really about, what success is and the ‘real gems’ that life offers us.   Then there are many man made systems that are controlling us and the way we live, rarely in our favour. These systems pull us down from our potential, make us accept limitations and from thriving in all aspects of life.   The fact that less than 3% of the population are financially independent astounds us and from our direct experience, we found that most finance professionals are totally clueless and have a totally self-focussed agenda when dealing with us and our money.   We offer a shining light, breaking through the thick haze for people who are committed and who are willing to do whatever it takes to deliver their version of success.   Overall we offer people

  1. Personal/ self-evolution
  2. Financial Independence
  3. Better quality of life

Our Values

  1. Spend the time on our relationship
  2. No BS, tell it how it is, gives a straight informed opinion.
  3. Honour and deliver on our word

The Portfolios Investor 3 core offerings

  1. Mortgages and loans
  2. Structuring your affairs
  3. Investment Property Sales

We offer a tried and tested system/ model for people to follow that works, where people can do one, two or all three of our core offerings. And then repeat over an annual cycle always adjusting to the market and evolving the person and their money activities.   With our holistic objectives, we take the right people from where they are today through to true financial independence to allow a better quality of life for themselves and their family.   Client benefit from

  1. Our long-term direct experience with money, business, investing and property
  2. A high-quality experience and ways that keep people informed and up to date
  3. Constantly evolving their mindset

Our Value Adds

  1. Money Saving Strategies
  2. Tax and Accountancy reviews
  3. Project and Renovation Advice
  4. Negotiation and Purchasing assistance
  5. Insights on life

Our business team   Paul, Kelly, Ryan and the team are all 1%’ers who live in self-awareness, are proactive, interested and take personal pride in themselves and in delivering an exceptional service to Paul, the Team, our Providers and the Clients they serve   The Portfolios Investor Mantra   Take the time to LISTEN to you EXPLORE the market to offer current real world options DELIVER on what we say and the agreed results   Our Ideal Client

  1. Completed some property and other investing already
  2. Have a combined household income over $100 000 pa
  3. Available funds and/ or equity in property over $125 000
  4. Financial independence time horizon of 5 years
  5. They know what they are after and are realistic & willing to do the work to get there
  6. Willing to grow and evolve themselves and their investing

We welcome you to experience what we have to offer and if you feel aligned to us and our ways we would love to help you.