We help motivated people achieve financial freedom through property investment. No gloss. No fluff.

The Portfolios Investor gives motivated people clarity about their individual path to becoming financially independent through property investment. It’s not just about finance, it’s about removing fears and overcoming obstacles to achieve true personal freedom through property investment.

But most of all it’s about listening, so if you’re in any doubt whether we can do what you need, just call.

How we work

We help property investors with any aspect of property investment. That might be by giving you training, finding you a property to buy or getting you the best mortgage rate. But it might also be about understanding what’s blocking you or holding you back and shifting those obstacles to get you motivated and on track. You’ve seen other people get wealthy through property; there’s no good reason that couldn’t be you. We’ve done it ourselves and we’ll show you how to do the same.

Our services

Our services fall into three main categories:

  1. Structuring your affairs. (Succeeding in property investment means having a strategy and the right structures in place to benefit from your returns.)
  2. Getting you the best rates on mortgages and loans. (Did you know there are lenders with great rates who might not even be on your radar because they only deal wholesale?)
  3. Finding you an investment property or finding the land and helping you build the house. (We bring the benefits of impartiality to negotiating purchases, managing projects and renovating for maximum value creation. And we guarantee everything from costs through delivery times to rental returns.)

Getting started

Finding out how we can help you take charge of your financial independence starts with a meeting with our founder, Paul. You’ll be amazed how much valuable advice you can get in just an hour of talking to someone who has done exactly what you’re doing hundreds of times before. It could be a tip that saves you $1,000 on your tax or pointing you at a postcode where we’re forecasting great returns. That’s just the first hour.

And you’ll be thrilled because you’ll tell your story once. We’re small and we remember all our clients and their stories; you won’t be passed from stranger to stranger. We deliver a personal service clients that tell their friends about. (99% of our business is word of mouth.)

What you and Paul might talk about

There are many moving parts and people involved in property investment. It’s so easy to miss out on the returns if you’re not talking to someone who is across it all. That’s why Paul founded the Portfolios Investor. First, you’ll tell Paul about yourselves and what you’re trying to achieve. Then you might talk about:

  • Getting started on your property investment strategy
  • Saving money on your home loan.
  • Buying your first or next investment property. (We can suggest specific areas to look, where we’re expecting growth within your risk profile. We can even find a specific home for you to consider.)
  • Tuning your tax set up. (Having bought property through every conceivable tax structure, we know where all the savings are and what your other advisors have probably missed.)
  • Building an investment property. (Yes, we’ve done this for clients as well, including dealing with the builder, the council and the tenants.)

What’s not going to happen

You’re going to be listened to, not sold to.

Not sure you could really get all that much in an hour?

If you’ve been around the traps, going to seminars, speaking to different advisors with different angles on property investment, this probably sounds too good to be true. When you call to book your appointment, you’ll find out exactly how willing we are to put our money where our mouths are. It’s the just first of many guarantees you’ll get from us because we back everything we do for you with a guarantee


Take charge of your financial future now! Book a meeting with Paul.

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